Vermont riders?

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Re: Vermont riders?

Postby Jedz123 » July 24th, 2017, 9:51 am

JMK wrote:NewsFlash ... I just helped my daughter buy her first bike, a 2016 TU, and she lives on the side of a mountain outside of Wilmington. She did all her training on a TU and seems to have really taken to it. She was worried about having to ride it up a steep dirt logging road/driveway to get home but she soon found out a TU is right at home hill climbing up a dirt road. She will be commuting on Rt. 100.

Nice! She's about 100 miles south of me but that's about how many miles I tackle daily so I'd be more then happy to meet up and show her some nice riding roads! The TUX is the perfect bike for all these VT roads, especially mountain dirt roads!
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