Aaaah! What happened to the site?

We got hacked. But it looks like we can recover it.

It's kind of a mess around here right now - folders full of Bollywood piracy and spam email scripts. But the good news is it looks like the database (where all the actual content of the site lives, like accounts and posts) is ok, and can likely be restored with a little TLC.

Why us?

It's nothing personal. There are programs that scour the internet looking for vulnerabilities in the software that runs websites. If they find a weak spot in a site, they take over the server and use it for whatever they can make money off of (most commonly, it's to use the server to send spam email to other people). Nobody is after the secret private messages of motorcycle fanatics, and there's no indication that any login info or anything like that has fallen into the wrong hands.

What should I do?

Sit tight. We're working on getting everything back up and running, but it'll take a bit of time to steam clean everything around here. In the meantime, maybe you want to look at some pictures of TU250s.

Yes, I want that